Memories of Preschool

§ The massive steps, the cubby and the mulberry tree all bring back good memories.

§ The guy who came and sung the Hum Song, which still gets stuck in my head to this day!

§ playing in that old boat out the front.

§ RHPS was a great place to learn and grow. Many thanks to Di & Steph for putting up with my insistence that I really was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle/ koala/fairy princess/puppy dog/100 years old.

§ The Dragon Stories. You were told a story and then had to find the special dragons. The dragons were special

§ Playing with mates on bikes and in the fort.

§ Doing science stuff like making volcanos in the sand pit

§ watching the plovers hatch in the tennis court next door.

§ I liked the times we went to the fig trees and wombat home for picnics, and the time we went to the shearing shed.

§ Another good time was when I had a go in the canoe with Di at Bournda.

§ Playing with Marins, being able to take the wheele-horse thingis through the hall (you may remember that the rule was you had to keep them in the play ground), getting locked in the purple toilet with marina (probably would have been more scary if we’d had time to realise that we couldn’t actually fit out the knot hole in the wall before some kind person came and released us)! And I think the Black doll was always a winner

§ Making a ‘volcano’ in the sandpit.

§ Painting and bikes

§ Playing on the monkey bars with my friends

§ Excursions up to Fig Tree, Playing up and around the Mulberry tree, Spinning each other in the big red plastic dish

§ Last year celebrations when I practised my own dance and performed it with scarves and music.

§ We had a bike day, I took my huge bike which I couldn’t yet ride, was really worried. We set up a circuit in morning and then it rained for rest of the day.

§ When I got my sparkly name on the last day.

§ Dipping marbles in paint then putting them into a box with paper on the bottom and rolling them around to make a picture.

§ making plaster casts of our hands in the sandpit and making play dough moulds with things like seeds and leaves imprinted in them and filling them with plaster

§ Each Christmas I liked giving to Santa at the giving tree. We would also go to town to collect things, bring them back to school and wrap them up to give to other children in East Timor.

§ Gym excursions.

§ The bike day and riding the bikes

§ When Darien brought in a coffee grinder for show and tell-you wind the handle and the coffee beans turned into coffee.

§ I remember making scones once with sultanas in them and I remember that I thought they looked like flies!

§ Zooming around the circuit in the little pink car.

§ When I went to Pre-School in the summer time we all used to climb the big mulberry tree and eat the mulberries and my Mum got cross at me because I never ate the food in my lunch box

§ My favourite activity was the bikes. I remember riding them around the bike track.

§ When we went to the gym in Pambula. That was good. I want to go there again!

§ Sitting on the steps having lunch, Paddy riding in the pink car, sitting on the giant pillow.

§ Probably having the bike races. We would line up our bikes and then race around the path to see who would win. I used to ride on the bike with the silver seat on the back with Caley and Jack on the back. I drove because that meant they had to push me up the “big hill.”

§ One day we all brought $2 into Preschool and used a shopping list to buy some things at a stall. We then got all the items we had bought and wrapped them up for kids less fortunate than us. We then gave them to Santa to deliver to the kids.

§ Picking honeysuckle form above the sandpit and sucking out the ‘honey’

§ collecting acorns from the Oak tree

§ playing on the big cushion.

§ My favourite memory was going to the Gym at Pambula. We jumped on the trampolines and belly flopped in the foam.

§ Driving the Bus.

§ I remember doing the fire training. If they blew a horn once or twice in the day then we had to rush outside and training and stuff.

§ Doing a show, singing “big Yellow Taxi” on the way to preschool.

§ I loved story time and puzzles.

§ Collecting (then playing with) basketfuls of petals and leaves.

§ Feeding and playing with lambs Jo brought along.

§ Watching a rabbit in the grass in the playground

What did you like doing best?

§ I think there were too many to have ‘favourites’ as such… but the bikes and the horses on wheels were always fun…and the excessively large snake bean-bag…and looking at plover’s nests (seriously guys- were you trying to kill us?!?)

§ Music & movement, gym activities, playing with dolls & cubbyhouse & cooking

§ Playing horses and puppies

§ Riding bikes & scooters, cooking and making things.

§ I liked playing cricket with Jodie

§ painting pictures and riding the scooters

§ Scooters and playing with the airport.

§ Dressing up, painting, playing mums and dads in the cubby.

§ The fig tree, painting and the swings.

§ Excursion Day into Merimbula, going to the Aquarium and Spencer Park

§ Playing with my friends

§ playing on the slippery slide, swinging awesomely on the swings

§ pretending to be unicorns, the playground and sandpit, cooking

§ the best part was tea parties and clay because I loved the slimy feel and loved to create things.

§ Playing in the sandpit.

§ I used to like the crafty things.

§ singing songs on the mat

§ Playing trains, and scooters

§ the red scooter

§ climbing the tree near the shed

§ painting the fort, and playing in the cubby house, and jumping on the tyres.

§ Construction in the sand pit using the trucks and shovels and tubes. Because I could make whatever I liked using the plumbing pipes and tubes, and use as much water to make dams, and make volcanos.

§ Cooking (cheesy snails!), Painting, Storytime, naptime. Because they were FUN! (And I love cheese)

§ Riding the bikes. It was fun.

§ Making mud cakes.

§ Painting. Because I love art and it was fun.

§ I liked the art table best because there was always interesting and different things to make.

§ Riding the pushies and digging in the sand pit and dirt pile.

§ I also really enjoyed cooking.

§ Most of the stuff we did but mainly Show and Tell, Art and Rest Time.

§ Building in the sandpit, riding scooters & story times.

§ Cooking prawns.