Rocky Hall Preschool Information


Preschool hours are 9am to 3pm:

  • Every second Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday

Half day sessions are also available. We are licensed for 18 placements, from 3 years to 5 years old.

Rocky Hall Preschool is an inclusive service promoting and practicing inclusion and diversity within the preschool and broader community. We foster positive partnerships with all families to create a sense of connection and belonging to the service. Our aim is for all children to have equitable access to appropriate and quality services that maximize and foster all aspects of the child’s development.

Our Program

A stimulating and educational, and developmentally appropriate program is  provided in response to the children’s interest, strengths and abilities. We plan for learning experiences of individual children as well as the group as a whole . The program covers many different and comprehensive facets according to the Early Years Learning Framework.

  • The communicating child
  • The thinking child
  • The sense of self
  • The spiritual moral child
  • The social child
  • The physical active child
  • The creative child
  • The feeling child

Rocky Hall Preschool provides an Indigenous perspective within the early childhood curriculum. We foster respectful and meaningful relationships with the local (Yuin) Indigenous community. The purpose of this program is to give children insight, knowledge and understanding of Indigenous culture within the context of their lives.

Learning areas:

  • Local Indigenous language
  • Art
  • Cultural competency
  • Physical and spiritual connections to native flora, fauna, land and waterways
  • Music and Dance
  • Storytelling, Yarning

Read more about Rocky Hall Preschool’s cultural program:

“Rocky Hall Preschool would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians, the Yuin people and would like to pay our respects to the Elders past and present”.

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Fees are based on family income levels. At present our daily fees are $20 per day and health care card holders $12 per day.

There is also a Material fee of $10 per term and an annual insurance levy of $7.70.


Parents contemplating enrolment are invited to come and observe the way we work.

Our information booklet is attached

RHPSinfobook – PDF

Should you wish to enrol your child, you can telephone the preschool on 02 64942095.


The First Day

Parents are welcome to stay for as long as they feel their child needs them. Ensure that their bag is packed with the items listed on page 1 (lunch, fruit, hat, spare clothes etc)

Parents should also bring immunisation book, proof of income for verification of fee subsidy level and completed subsidy assessment forms.

  • Procedure on arrival
  • Parent sign child in
  • Parent to encourage child to hang bag up on their individual hook
  • Place fruit in fruit bowl
  • Place lunch boxes in fridge
  • Check noticeboard for any notices for you
  • Ensure child is wearing hat

Lunch recommendations

We encourage a high nutrition lunch preferably void of a high content in colours, sugars, fats and salts. No lollies. Drinks from home may be included but drinking water will be available at all times. Children are discouraged from sharing their food. It is preferred that  commercial pre-packed foods are minimal in the lunch box.