Rocky Hall Preschool History

Rocky Hall Preschool kidsThe current preschool uses the historic Rocky Hall School and schoolhouse, built in 1887. Prior to the building of the school, early education in Rocky Hall was conducted by private teachers in various farm buildings.

At the time of the school being built, Rocky Hall was a flourishing community based on the dairy industry. A gradual decline in the population began during World War I. The local butter factory and hotel closed down, but an active P & C kept the school going until 1974 when the numbers of children were insufficient and the school closed. Before this time the school was also used by secondary school students working by correspondence.

In 1984 after much work by the local community, the property was declared Crown Land reserved for community purposes.

Rocky Hall Preschool began in 1987 with an initiative of the Rocky Hall community.

Today we are a community-owned non-profit incorporated association providing an educational program for preschool children within the Towamba Valley area, mainly the rural communities of Rocky Hall, Wyndham, New Buildings, Burragate and Towamba.