Our Staff

Jodie Dickinson is the Director and Leading Educator of the preschool. She lives in the community and works with families and community members to create partnerships that build on children and families sense of belonging and ownership within the service and wider community.

Alex Santai-Kis is an Early Childhood Educator. She is passionate about supporting children’s social and emotional development while fostering a strong sense of identity and belonging.

Niomi Pilt is an Early Childhood Educator. Niomi fosters an appreciation for the natural environment, she considers the children’s connectedness to land in a holistic approach to their learning.

Makaylie Brazel is an Early Childhood Educator. Mak nurtures children’s sense of identity through her respectful, caring an empathetic interactions with the children.

If you ever want to discuss your child with Jodie, Alex, Niomi or Mak,¬†please let them know. Progress reports are available at all time in children’s individual port folio.

Daily programming and children’s learning portfolio¬†is recorded in the secure online platform Storypark.

Ensuring that your child is happy and comfortable at preschool is a very important goal for the staff.